Fruit tree disease

Asked June 4, 2016, 5:48 PM EDT

I have two cherry trees, two native plum trees, and a pear tree. Last year all of the fruit dried up and fell off the cherry and plum trees before they were ripe. I think maybe they have a fungus or something. The plum trees have bumps all over the leaves so I know something is wrong with them. I don't have very many plums on my tree this year, but I have lots of cherries and pears. The cherries are already starting to dry up and fall off and my pear tree has black spots on some of the leaves and pears. Could you tell me what is wrong with my trees and if they can be fixed. The first photo is the leaves of my plum tree. The second photo shows the brown/black spots on the leaves and fruit of my pear tree, and the third photo shows one of my cherries turning brown before it shrivels up and dies.Thank you so much for looking at these.

Dakota County Minnesota

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Your cherry tree probably has Brown Rot. Your plum tree has nipple galls, caused by small insects.
Your pear tree is difficult to diagnose. It could possibly have fireblight but it also could just be anthracnose or another bacterial/fungal infection. The only way to know for sure would be to submit a sample to our Plant Disease Clinic