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Asked June 4, 2016, 5:43 PM EDT

This is a vine that is growing in my side yard, very prolific and covering brush piles and trees. I have handled it quite a few times and haven't had a rash like poison ivy or oak.

Citrus County Florida

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Your plant is a Sassafras plant shrub/tree, Sassafras albidum. I am including a link to an excellent UF/IFAS publication by Dr. Gilman.
Let me know if you have any other questions. A

Thank you Andy,

I guess I will need to go back outside and see if I see a tree as this is mainly a vine growing over everything. It has a very active "seeking out" system and will climb the citrus trees, fence, etc. I haven't seen anything form a shrub or a tree.

I am so glad you wrote back because I gave you the wrong answer. I was working three different trifoliate leaf plants at the same time--guess that is not a great idea.

What you truly have is a Kudzu Vine, Pueraria montana. These are very aggressive vines that can grow nearly a foot a day in perfect location for this cultivar from China. This is a major invasive plant here in Florida!

I am including a link from the UF Invasive section on your plant.

Again, I am very sorry for the mistake. A

No worries! Another extension person had said it wasn't kudzu but looking for links you sent, that is exactly what it is. OK, I'll research what I can do to get rid of it and thanks for your quick response. I have another vine which looks like a grape, I'll send that separately....

The link I sent you has control recommendations on it. Look towards the bottom of the publication.
Happy to help anytime. A