What is wrong with my plants

Asked June 4, 2016, 5:19 PM EDT

Good morning; We are a first year peonies farm on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. We have had a very good rate of plants coming up and they appeared to be very healthy. Shortly after the corals set buds I started noticing some yellowing and rolling upward of some of the lower leaves. These now appear to be a wilt of some sort and are spreading. Quite a few plants, mainly Corals and, Festivas have the rolled up leaves. A few black leaves, mostly yellow/brownish, but not dry. The soil is still moist. We have not watered this year. I have attached too many photos but they all seemed important. Many thanks for any advice, pointers, tips Etc. you have to offer. I have lots more photos if needed. Thanks

Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska

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This looks like the fungal disease botrytus or gray mold which is common in Alaskan peony crops. Garden fungicide should help, but the underlying cause needs to be addressed. Usually this is cold poorly drained soils.

I would recommend that you contact Kenai District Agriculture Agent Dr. Casey Matney for a definite identification and advice on how to treat it. He can be reached at 907-262-5824.