Tracking a goat by it's ear tag info

Asked June 4, 2016, 4:16 PM EDT

Hi--I just rescued a baby goat with a broken (or at least, very injured) leg last night while kayaking. (It was stuck in a river canyon, and couldn't get to food or water.) I am trying to figure out to whom it belongs. It has tags in both ears that have numbers, but no other information. Is there any centralized registry or something like that that I can consult? P.S. It was found so close to the Deschutes/Crook county line, that I'm not sure which county it is from.

Deschutes County Oregon

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Kudos to you for rescuing this goat kid! If it has a tag in its ear with "US" enclosed in a shield, you can call 1-866-USDA-TAG and give them the ear tag info. It will be linked to a specific premise. If there is no such tag, you could try calling both the Crook and Deschutes County Extension offices and seeing if they can help. Those numbers are (541) 447-6228 and (541) 548-6088 respectively. Alternatively, you could call farm veterinarians in your area or animal control (could be the Sheriff's Department in rural counties). Take photos of the goat and its ear tags so you can e-mail them if asked. Good luck!