Flying insects on patio tomatoes

Asked June 4, 2016, 1:42 PM EDT

There are miniscule flying insects mostly around the soil, but some on the leaves of my patio tomatoes. They are too tiny to identify except to say they are black and fly almost constantly. As of right now, my plants took healthy and are blooming.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Based on ;your description it sounds like your patio tomatoes are planted in containers. If so, you may be dealing with fungus gnats. The larvae breed in moist soil rich in organic matter, primarily in potted plants. They feed on the fungi in the soil. Overwatering contributes to the growth of the fungi. Allow the top several inches of soil in your containers dry before watering again. Also, do not allow the pot to stand in water or for water to accumulate in pot saucers. See our website for more information If this is not what you are noticing, send us photos.