Can I rejuvinate a mature Elm ?

Asked June 4, 2016, 12:42 PM EDT

I,m interested in what steps to take with a newly acquired property regarding several mature Elm.There has never been much care and I'm wondering if I have a lost cause any info would be appreciated.Any magic elixir,or someone in the area you could recommend?I missed spring pruning for this year but would like at least to acquire some information for a game plan. Thanks

Weld County Colorado elm elm trees

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Wow! You have mature elm trees? What treasures!

As you have observed, elm trees do well without much care. I did not find anything about magic potions, but here is general information about elms.

Pruning a tree can be thought of as cleaning. Pruning to remove broken, crossing, rubbing, dead or diseased branches can be done at any time. You can get information about pruning mature trees here: and

If you wish to discuss your questions, you may contact the CSU Extension Office at (970) 400-2083. Master Gardeners at the Extension office at 525 North 15th Ave., Greeley, are ready to help you, in person, for free, from 9-noon Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays through the month of October.

Happy Summer!