what kind of plant is this

Asked June 3, 2016, 7:32 PM EDT

My Dad found this in the woods and is wondering what kind of plant it was. He's a logger and sees all kinds but never this one.

Outagamie County Wisconsin

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Thanks for submitting - can you tell us the size of the plant, was it a vine, bush,tree, groundcover? Is the white dot the flower? Very hard to ID from one leaf.
Thank you

This is the whole plant. And the white dot is the flower. Dad said it closed up at night, if that helps. He also said that there were more along a trail similar but with jagged edges, more like a marajuana plant. I have enclosed more pictures.

Thank you!
Sarah B.

Lysimachia borealis - Starflower

Starflower tends to grow in colonies. Formerly known as Trientalis borealis and in the Primulaceae (Primrose) family, it has been shuffled around to new species name Lysimachia borealis (same genus as the yellow Loosestrifes) and moved to the Myrsinaceae (Myrsine) family