Hatching Cayuga ducks in an incubator

Asked June 3, 2016, 7:01 PM EDT

Thank you -- we are waiting to hatch 7 Cayuga ducklings who have now been in an incubator for 29 days at 99.5-99.6 degrees and good humidity -- they pipped yesterday afternoon and two have broken through their outer shells and inner membranes. The inner membranes on those two seem to have dried out and I can see a little bit of blood, and feathers on one duckling. They have not moved for almost an hour and we are getting very nervous. How long does this take, and what should we do if we have a problem? Genevieve Han, jacksonjennie35@gmail.com

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My first thoughts are that your incubator is too dry and needs more humidity.
Second check the temperature it may be to high as well. Newly hatched chicks often rest for a little while after they hatch but they should be up and moving in an hour or two.