Please ID this plant

Asked June 3, 2016, 6:45 PM EDT

The plant comes from an old family farm then in Baltimore City & may be between 100-150+ years old. It thrives in direct sun , requires little care or water besides rain. The plant lives out doors , lives thru ice, snow & freezing winter w/o care. In the summer the plant grows small white flowers, attracting all sorts of bees. My grandmother called it an ice plant. This plant had been transfered into a concrete pot 40+years ago that has cracked. Can you ID the plant for me as well as provide potting instructions & method for dividing plant into smaller units. Many Thanks

Baltimore County Maryland

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This looks like a plant called sedum. There is a white blooming variety called "Iceberg". The easiest way to propagate them so you have more is through division. Use a shovel to slice through the edge of the planting through to the shallow roots. Remove the soil/roots/plant, and replant the whole thing wherever you want more.
They can also be rooted fairly easily during the growing season.