Transplanting Pinon Trees

Asked June 3, 2016, 1:44 PM EDT

Hello, i was wondering if there's a specific time of the year when you should not transplant a pinon tree. It is now the beginning of June and i would like to move a pinon tree but am concerned that this might not be the best time of the year to transplant it. Thank you.

Santa Fe County New Mexico

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I am in Albuquerque, but I would count June as the worst month to transplant a tree. It usually doesn't get much hotter and drier than June.

If I had the choice of when to transplant, I would choose the Fall (cool air, warm soil, less wind than in spring, and a greater chance for moisture). The roots will get a chance to establish themselves without the high water demands of the late spring and summer. This might be a particularly good time to transplant a pinon, because you are avoiding transplanting during a time period when bark beetles are actively flying.

This might not work for you this year, but a good strategy for a successful transplanting in general is to root prune well prior to transplanting. For a Fall transplant (Oct./Nov.), root prune in spring (March), and vice versa. Begin root pruning by marking a circle the size of the desired ball around the tree or shrub, and then dig a trench just outside the circle.