Crown of austrian pine tree turning yellow

Asked June 3, 2016, 11:46 AM EDT

At a time of year when the crowns of these trees are sprouting new growth, one of my austrian pine trees is turning yellow at the crown with no new growth. All of my others are showing an abundance of new growth. Any suggestions? Thank you. George

Deschutes County Oregon

1 Response

It sounds like your Austrian pine is very stressed and may be in decline. Is the tree being watered during the dry season? If not, this could be a drought issue. Drought stress can lead to other problems for the tree as its resources are limited and not able to fight off insect pests. If so, is it getting enough water? I suggest taking a pictures of the tree - from a distance for a full view of the tree and surrounding area, and close-ups of the crown and branch tips. You can take these pictures and a branch sample to your local OSU Deschutes County Extension office for evaluation.