What kind of bug is this 3rd time seeing around the house ..

Asked June 3, 2016, 3:48 AM EDT

Can anyone please tell me I'm pretty freaked out , what should I do ? I live in apartment's that are pretty close together can it be bed bugs?

Los Angeles County California

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The insect in your photo is NOT a bed bug. The photo is a little blurry so I can't see all the details, but I suspect this is a cigarette beetle, scientific name: Lasioderma serricorne, in the beetle family Ptinidae. These beetles are one of a variety of common pantry pests, infesting and feeding in stored cereal products, seeds, nuts, spices, chocolate, pet foods, and many other things made from dried plant material. They are harmless to humans or animals. The key to getting rid of them is going through your food storage areas and finding any products that have become infested and disposing of them. Thoroughly vacuum and clean cupboard areas. Storing these types of products in tightly sealed "Tupperware" style containers can help prevent reinfestation. I have included a link below to a website with more information on pantry pests.