My one year old Thompson Seedless Grapevine

Asked June 3, 2016, 1:45 AM EDT

This spring I pruned all the canes of my grapevine and topped off the cordon as I had no idea what to do late Jan. Now in June, I see that at the base of the vine there are two plants from the ground and I have a total of 10 canes from crowns that I have lead up to my pergola. The tree looks healthy and the canes pencil thick. I do not expect to get grapes as I did not let two canes from last years growth remain on the tree. What kind Of pruning would I do early next spring? The canes have reached my 10 foot pergola and I tied them to the slats on top. Do I have to keep these canes tied to the pergola on top? I do not know How To proceed or should I cut some? Please advise. Thanks.

Orange County California

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Tip the ends of the canes that have grown as far as you want to force branching from the shoot. You can remove any canes you do not want. Next year you should get vigorous shoots from the buds of this years shoots and that is where the fruit will be. The following spring cut the shoots back to 2 or 3 buds off your main cane. You will get new shots and fruit from those short spurs. Just continue cutting back to short spurs every spring.