Land develuation due to H. contortus?

Asked June 2, 2016, 3:40 PM EDT

I have pastures that have become contaminated with Haemonchus contortus. Assuming that I cannot afford to fallow these pastures for three years while it dies off, how can I quantify the ongoing economic loss due to the presence of this parasite? While it may not be as easy as this, I'm looking for a simple "it's now worth X% of its original value".

Benton County Oregon

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I must apologize because I am not able to answer your question with any sort of simple response. I've contacted some of my OSU colleagues to gather their advice as well, and your question leads to more questions. Such as, Is there science behind the 3-yr fallow requirement? Has it been confirmed that H. contortus is present in the pastures? What species of livestock were/are present? Is there capability to have alternate livestock species on the pasture or rotate livestock species such as horses to cattle to sheep? Have you used deworming practices and what were the results?

If you are trying to quantify economics related to the loss of forage for susceptible livestock species then the best resource OSU Extension service has to help you assess forage value is: PNW 259 What Are Your Forages Worth? Revised May 2013. It is written for a dairy enterprise, but the concepts would helpful for any forage based system. The guide is designed to help calculate the cost of homegrown forages vs. purchased forages.