what type of snake is this?

Asked June 1, 2016, 10:00 PM EDT

Attached is a picture of a snake that was in my yard and sometimes lives in my basement.

Missaukee County Michigan

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The photo is not good but it looks like an Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake. They are found all over the Lower Peninsula. This harmless snake can spread the skin on each side of its neck laterally, behind the head, looking like a cobra imitation. They do that if they are frightened and they can also hiss very loudly and even strike at you. But it is with a closed mouth. This is their big show. If seen up-close, they have an upturned snout, looking like a rolled lip. This snake is often found in sandy areas. Females lay 4 to more than 50 eggs in early summer in the soil that will hatch 60 to 70 days later. A valuable snake and thanks for not murdering it.