Mountain Pine Beetle

Asked June 1, 2016, 6:10 PM EDT

We are removing a very large, old stump that is infested with pine beetle larvae. What type of pesticide will kill the larvae still in the stump? Any and all suggestions will help.

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(near Conifer, Colorado)

Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs

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At the current time, there are no labeled pesticides for the mountain pine beetle.
One very effective way to kill larvae developing under the bark (though very labor intensive) is by peeling away the bark, either by hand or mechanically; this exposes the larvae to unfavorable conditions — the larvae will dehydrate, starve and eventually die. Logs my also be burned or scorched in a pile — preferably when there is snow on the ground (contact your local forester for assistance). They can also be buried under at least eight inches of soil, or chipped. Following beetle emergence, wood can be used without threat to other trees.
Here is a CSU Extension fact sheet that provides information on Mountain pine beetle management:
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