Jumping Spider Behavior

Asked June 1, 2016, 5:11 PM EDT

I captured a jumping spider in the bathroom and placed it outside in the yard about 20 feet away from the house. About 2-3 days later, I saw (perhaps) the same spider in the same place as the one I threw out a few days ago. Can this be a completely different jumping spider or do jumping spiders return to the same place if relocated? Maybe it has babies somewhere that it is returning to or maybe a mate. Or do I have a 100 of these things and don't know it?! I rarely see these spiders indoors in my home, let alone in the same area in the bathroom. Should I leave it there, if it returns a second time or is it a danger to have?

Hampden County Massachusetts spiders

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Without actually seeing the spider, I can not say if it is the same one. I would doubt it. Spiders usually do not take care of their young after the first molt and for many species the females die after producing an egg case. There is a whole range of parental behavior in spiders as a group.

As for jumping spiders, I find them very interesting to observe. They are not a spider that prefers to be inside though, if there are other insects, they will have no problem sticking around to do some hunting.

If this one has hooked your interest, there is some interesting articles and videos on line that you might want to read and see.

The family name is Salticidae but if you search for jumping spide, you will also find some interesting things.

Or might you have what is commonly called a "cave cricket" or "camel cricket?" Search both to look at pix. Regardless, don't think you want in home even though I've never heard of any deleterious effects, although they apparently will eat material such as cloth.
Good luck from a gardener in MD