Leyland cypress trees

Asked June 1, 2016, 2:50 PM EDT

I have 4 cypress trees that I planted last year. They are now about 5 ft tall but I have been noticing some yellowing and browning of the foliage in the middle of the trees. When I gently pull on that foliage it comes right off. Any suggestions what it could be and what can be done? I do not want to lose these trees.

Chesterfield County Virginia

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Most evergreen trees, including Leyland Cypress, shed needles periodically. Those on the inside of the tree are more shaded and tend to die off after a few years. They will not come back but are naturally replaced as the tree grows more and longer branches. As long as the loss appears to be just from the center of the tree, I would consider it a normal process.

If you notice entire branches with browning needles, then it may be one of the diseases that infect this beautiful tree and I would suggest that you contact a certified arborist to see what the proper course of treatment should be. A list of arborists that work in Chesterfield County can be found at this website.

If you have additional questions on this subject, please use the reply feature within this email or call the Chesterfield Cooperative Extension office at 804-751-4401. Thank you for using Ask an Expert.