Algae in ponds

Asked May 31, 2016, 7:54 PM EDT

We are having a problem with algae and weeds in our pond. Am looking for something to clear it out that is safe for fish, and livestock. We have bass that we eat, and the overflow fills a second pond that we water cattle out of. Last year we cleaned it out by hand, but this year the weeds are worse (milfoil) and the pond is already developing quite a bit of algae.

Douglas County Oregon

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By hand does a big expense in terms of time and energy. Straw bales spread over the surface, allowed to sit for a couple weeks, then cleaned - again by hand, is quite effective for algae. There are numerous aquatic herbicides on the market and also some algae removal products. Or you could contact Extension Communications here on campus at 541-737-0799 and request Woodland Ponds (EM 9104) I think the cost is $10 or $12. There is a chapter on maintenance.