North West Oregon Plum Tree Pruning

Asked May 31, 2016, 6:31 PM EDT

Hello, I have read multiple sites on the web regarding best time of year to prune a plum tree. Some say winter when trees are dormant. Others say certain trees like plums are better to prune during late spring and mid summer. The reason given for spring/summer is tree is less likely to develop a disease such as fungal pathogens like silver leaf. Which season do you consider to be the best? Thank you.... I do not know for sure what type of plum tree I have but it produces dark purple plums that are fairly large like what grocery stores usually sell. Larger than a golf ball.

Linn County Oregon

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Fruit trees can be planted in fall - September or spring -- April. If planted in September, the roots grow all winter and in the spring, takes off nicely. But there is a chance of Siberian freezes in February. If planted in April, it avoids the winter clod periods, but is extremely slow to go roots and take off.