what kind of fern is this and does it appear healthy?

Asked May 31, 2016, 3:13 PM EDT

I have had this fern and it looks pretty good as far as I can tell but it just doesn't seem like it's grown all that much. I have it under T5 fluorescent grow lights getting about 12 hours of light a day in addition to whatever comes in the window (filtered in the morning but not direct sun). Do you know what variety this fern is and if it appears I'm taking good care of it? Thank You - by the way I love using this service!

Yamhill County Oregon ferns horticulture

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It looks like a variety of Boston Fern. Yes, it appears that you are caring for it properly. Here's a site from University of Illinois Extension on houseplants. It will give you details on caring for Boston Ferns. http://m.extension.illinois.edu/houseplants/types/ferns.cfm
Enjoy your fern.