Shock for newly planted Canary Date Palm?

Asked May 31, 2016, 12:51 PM EDT

My husband and I planted two small Canary Date Palm in our yard yesterday. They were about 4 ft tall. We followed a step by step how-to, which included digging the hole double the size of the root ball, fill half the hole with palm soil and half with native soil. We didn't bury the trunk in order to prevent rot. We applied a palm fertilizer, covered with mulch and saturated the the mulch when finished. Almost over night, we noticed the palms leaves turning brown and drooping. I'm so upset by this! Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated! My husband and I are just watering each day in hopes that the plants are in transplant shock. Should we begin pruning the drooping and brown fronds? We hope they weather the storm!

Maricopa County Arizona

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Palms are very hardy. They are probably just experiencing a shock from their prior environment. Since you say they were probably dug up somewhere else, it will take a little time for them to adjust. I would suggest that you remove the dead and dying limbs. Also, make sure you do not overwater. That can be just as bad as under watering. Keep it moist but not soaking wet. Hope this helps.