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If you don't know say that. Don't leave me hanging because someone in some other part of the world asked about the same plant type. Isn't that the point? My question was named Weeping ,heath or Norway? You didn't even share the old answer. These pictures are of the same tree.

Cobb County Georgia

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We are sorry that your post got rejected. It somehow got posted with the same title twice which caused the system to reject it (not a person). I am a Question Wrangler for Georgia and can see the details. We do apologize.

I think your Cobb County Agent, Rolando Orellana, answered correctly in that it appears to be a Norway Spruce of some type. I consulted Dr. Mike Dirr's Manual of Landscape Plants book and he suggested that there are over 120 forms of Picea abies so this one can be difficult. I don't think it is a pendula cultivar because the habit isn't strong enough for that form.

I'll try to catch one of our specialists and show him your photos. Please give me through next week to track this down. I will repost to this thread. If you have additional info to add just reply to this message and I will get it.

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Here is the response from our UGA specialist on conifers. I hope this helps.


Weeping like that it would have to be P. abies or P. smithiana. Needles look more like P. abies and P. smithiana would be very rare.


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