Treatment of Brown Rot on Bali cherry

Asked May 30, 2016, 9:17 PM EDT

I am looking for a professional who can spray my Bali Cherry for Brown Rot. I was able to hire someone to spray the first two treatments but they will not spray the fruit. According to your web site the fruit also will need to be sprayed. I lost most of my fruit last year to Brown Rot and hope to manage the problem this year. I did my best to strip the tree of desiccated fruit and clean up the ground last summer. The tree is about 15 years old and quite lovely. We always enjoy the fruit. Can you recommend someone to apply the correct fungicide? If not can you tell me what kind to apply myself if I plan to eat the fruit? I looked at the table on the web site but still wasn't sure what I should apply. Thank you.

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response

We don't recommend professionals or products. You'll have to call around to find a tree care professional to help you with your spraying program.

I assume you've read through this document:

The sprays for home use that are mentioned here are quite easy to find at garden centers. I looked at the online label of a couple of these. Captan, for instance, is labeled for use up until harvest.

As always with pesticides, read and follow the label. The label is the law.

Also, no fungicide treatment program by itself will be effective. Best control is achieved when combined with good sanitation.