Spinach failure 2016

Asked May 30, 2016, 8:52 PM EDT

I have used Ed Hume spinach seeds for years in my raised beds with wonderful results. I usually plant the first week of April. This year I planted the last week of March, followed by another planting 3 weeks later in a second raised bed. Then I replanted the first planting the end of April. My results were very poor - only the second planting has resulted in any growth. I am baffled as I always took my great spinach crop for granted. I used organic compost and Dr Earth's planting fertilizer. I tried 3 different seed types from Ed Hume. Has anyone else reported poor spinach seeds from this source this past spring?eerwas ploanz

Clackamas County Oregon

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I have not heard about wide-spread issues with spinach seeds not germinating this year. Were the seeds you purchased new? Do you know how they were stored? Other things to consider is the moisture at the time of planting, the seeds can get disease if it is too moist or not germinate if it is too dry. Also, birds or slugs could perhaps consume some of your seeds. Also, have you checked your soil pH? They are sensitive to low pH, which is common here. Below is a link to more information about growing spinach.


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