Weed or desirable?

Asked May 30, 2016, 5:29 PM EDT

Trying to figure out what kind of plant this is and if I should keep it or remove it.



Washington County Oregon

2 Responses

Thank you for including the images but, unfortunately, it’s difficult to identify a plant that lacks flowers. It appears that it may be developing buds. If so, flowering should occur reasonably soon. When it does, please reply to this email and attach several new images.

In the meantime, consider this: In the 2nd image, the plant appears to be randomly dispersed through the border. If that’s true, my guess is that it’s something you should remove sooner rather than later; in other words, don’t wait until it flowers.

Thanks Jean. I don't recall seeing any particularly desirable flower in the past, but I'll keep my eyes open and grab a photo or two and reply here. They've been growing in the same spot w/ very little spreading so I'm not too worried about them taking over, I've just never known what they are so I thought I'd ask. Thanks again for the response.