Please Identify!

Asked May 30, 2016, 12:51 PM EDT

What is this plant? Thank you! I await your response.

Berks County Pennsylvania

2 Responses

The plant is baptisia also known as false indigo or wild indigo. It is a lovely perennial in the pea family. It is native to the eastern and midwestern United States. Baptisia has very long tap roots which enables it to survive difficult conditions. Long lived, it eventually forms a large clump with many stems and bloom spikes as shown in your photo. Flower spikes to 1 ft. long top the plants in late spring or early summer. The flowers resemble small sweet peas and are followed by inflated seedpods. Your species is probably Baptisia australis, since the flowers appear to be indigo blue. I have a very nice specimen in my garden. In the early spring, I place a peony hoop over the plant as it begins to break dormancy. The hoop helps support the clump and keeps it tidy. For more information about baptisia, use this link to the Missouri Botanical Gardens: Happy gardening!

Thanks so much for the speedy response. I appreciate it! I've had this plant for 3 yrs. from part of a friends planting that I admired. Mystery solved!