Mosquito Yard Spray

Asked May 30, 2016, 10:48 AM EDT

A friend of knows I am a Master Gardener sent me a recipe for repelling mosquitoes. The formulation is:

Big bottle of mouthwash

3 cups of Epson salt

3 12 oz beers

Mix until the salt is combined

It supposedly works for up to 80 days and this individual claims they know someone who has used it successfully.;

My questions are

1. Does it work?

2 Is it safe for plants and animals?

Thank you,

John Payne

Knox County Tennessee urban integrated pest management mosquitoes

1 Response

John, There is no scientific evidence that this concoction works to repel mosquitoes. The idea that ANYTHING would persist for 80 days and still have an impact on mosquitoes sounds "too good to be true." People love the idea that you can use common household items to solve pest problems. The problem with this is that little to no evidence exists that any of them actually work as reported. When home remedies are tested in controlled scientific studies they most often are shown to be ineffective.