No Veg / fruit from my vruit /vegatable folwers and Underground slugs

Asked May 30, 2016, 4:52 AM EDT

Hi there

I am from South Africa. I have a small vegetable garden. But something is eating away all my fruit and vegetable flowers or killing the flowers. The plants seems to be doing great, then they flower, but then no fruit or vegetables are produced. plants affected include: Egg Plant, Granadilla, Butternut, Chillies and Green Peppers (Capsicum).

I also planted sweet potato, and when time came to harvest, the roots were rotten and I found slugs underground. What can I use to prevent this from happening. Will this affect my turnips, carrots and beetroot?

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I am so glad you told me you are in South Africa. I am in the US. I will try to attempt this question along general terms but there might be something very specific for your area going on that I have no knowledge about.

Usually when eggplants and capsicum flower but do not produce any fruit, the culprit is really day time (over 93F or 34C) temperatures or really high night time temps (mid 70'sF or over 23C or so). That is simply too high for pollen. Even if the flowers got pollinated, the pollen tubes will abort and you end up with no fruit. Does that sound like a possibility?

As for the Granadilla and Butternut (as in butternut squash or something else), those need to be cross pollinated. If it rained just when the stigma where receptive to pollen (and the pollinators where staying inside) or if there are simply not enough plants to provide cross pollination, then you would have flowers but no fruit.

Sweet potatoes and slugs. Here we need to figure out whether the slugs caused the rot or whether they came later, after the sweet potatoes started to rot and it was just a great environment to hang out. In general, sweet potatoes do like quiet a bit of moisture when they are first planted, but after that they should not get too much water. Especially towards the end of the season, if they get a lot of water, the tubers will start to crack and rot. Make sure they are in a well drained location. You could always sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the vines. Slug also hate copper. Whether there was rot first and the slugs or the other way around, it basically sounds like the sweet potatoes were too wet. Are you sure the damage was caused by slugs. Perhaps rodents have been feasting on the sweet potatoes and the slugs are simply guilty by association. Do you have any pictures? That might help.

Hope this answers your questions. Best regards,