Getting rid of pond muck and hydrilla

Asked May 29, 2016, 8:03 PM EDT

The pond muck is abound 12 to 18 inches deep and the hydrilla is getting really dense around the edges and goes anywhere from 5 to 15 ft. From shore . The pond is 8 to 9 feet deep in center and 2 to 3 feet deep near shore . It's very clear so starting last summer I put pond shade. I know you can dredge and I heard about some chemicals you can use . It's about 1 acre and is stocked with fish. Any ideas you can share would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jim Boyle 585 open range road Crossville, tn. 847-650-4198

Cumberland County Tennessee

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Hydrilla can be a tough weed to control. Here is a link for good information on control measures. It is good to note that it is a weed that grass carp can be effective on, when stocked at 20/acre densities.

On the "muck" issue, many ponds have soft bottoms. Leaf debris is normal and is actually beneficial to the food chain at times. If it's sediment or where the banks have failed, you might consider dredging it out. Dredging is expensive. Typically it's only done when the sediment has created too much shallow water, and the weeds are unable to be controlled. 2-3' deep near the shore should be easy to manage with either chemical options and/or grass carp, depending on the weed. Ponds that are dredged usually have shallow areas less than 2'.