OSU Extension: We have been told there is an infestation of "pine...

Asked May 29, 2016, 7:04 PM EDT

OSU Extension: We have been told there is an infestation of "pine weevils" in our Medina area. Concerned we might loose our 10 white pine trees, we hired a tree specialist treat our pine trees. My question is, is it possible for us homeowners to successfully treat our pine trees ourselves? If so, could you please give us the information to do so? Thank you. Jeff Enterline

Medina County Ohio

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It depends on what is meant by 'pine weevils'. If the pest has been actually identified as white pine weevil then there are treatment options as detailed here http://entomology.osu.edu/bugdoc/Shetlar/factsheet/christmasstree/images/WhitePineWeevil/WhitePineWe...

However, there is no need to treat unless the insect has been identified as infesting your pines. Homeowners can treat smaller trees but larger trees usually require different spray equipment. See treatment options in the above fact sheet. I caution about treating any tree without correctly identifying the insect or actually seeing the insect in the trees. If an insect is suspect it can be taken into the county Extension office to be identified or sent into the diagnostic clinic for proper identification. The information on the clinic is available here http://ppdc.osu.edu/ Proper identification of the pest is key in order to ensure that the proper treatment is applied.