Tree roots in the drain pipe to my septic system/holding tanks.

Asked May 29, 2016, 6:48 PM EDT

I have a problem w/ roots from a flowering crab tree that have penetrated my basement drain to my septic system...the roots are not visible in the drain, but w/ a camera about 6 feet into the drain. As a possible option I plan to use my 3 ft root feeder and lost of rock salt to penetrate the root system and hopefully kill the offending roots. As a expert do u agree??Thanks for yr response. Brad Pfaff

Washington County Minnesota

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The tree roots have penetrated your drain because there is a crack/leak in the pipe. Tree roots do not cause pipes or foundations to fail, but will take advantage of an opening. In this case, the roots are taking advantage of the moisture there. I would not recommend the rock salt but instead you need to have the pipe checked. If it isn't fixed the problem will continue.