Plumeria leaf spot

Asked May 29, 2016, 3:45 PM EDT

What is causing leaf spots on my plumeria? It has been very humid with a lot of rainfall in our area. They stay on my front porch, and are not getting wet from rain. Is there anything I can treat it with?

Travis County Texas

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Hello there!
Sorry to see your Plumeria is having some issues there. It looks like it could be a combination of problems.
Because of the frequency of rains this very well could be a fungal issue, that's what I am guessing many of the brownish spots are. But it also appears to be a little chlorotic.
Could you answer some follow up questions?
Is the Plumeria getting sufficient sunlight? It would need at least 4 hours.
Does the pot it is in have drainage? is it sitting in a saucer of water? (Be sure it is well draining soil too :)
Have you fertilized it this season? With what? (If you have liquid seaweed go ahead and give it a dose of that; get it started on a healing process)
Have you seen any insects at all, any webbing? Do any other plants on patio have insects? (Inspect under the leaves and on the stems)
The good news is that this plant will certainly grow new leaves to replace these and there are certainly things to treat all of these issues.
Here is a website with some general care instructions.
I will wait to hear back from you so we can go from there.
Thanks for reaching out.