Leaves on a tulip poplar tree

Asked May 28, 2016, 11:20 PM EDT

The leaves on our tulip poplar tree in Monessen, Pa are being eaten by something. Every leave has multiple holes in them.The leaves do not seem to be eaten from the edge inward but throughout the interior of the leave. Some people have suggested aphids but we have not seen any honeydew. It looks like the same thing that happened last year. Last year, the leaves were so badly eaten that most of the leaves turned brown and fell off of the tree. Latter that summer, new leaves grew out but they were not as numerous as in the spring nor were they eaten again that year. We have no idea what is eating the leaves, As it looks like the same thing as last and we expect to see the leaves turn brown and fall off the tree. We are concerned about the tree being under stress and dying but have no idea what to do.

Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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Can you attach some pictures of the feeding damage?

We will send a picture on Thursday when we visit my mother again. It is her tree.

Attached are three pictures that showed damage to tulip poplars in our neck of the woods. Does this look similar to what you have seen? Notice on the last one, the two little insects. Those are the yellow poplar weevil.