growing potatoes in containers

Asked May 28, 2016, 8:33 PM EDT

I'd like to grow potatoes in containers as when planted in dirt they get scabby. Can I grow them in garbage cans and instead of hay can I use layers of lawn clippings? or would they generate too much heat as they decompose? Thanks

Thurston County Washington

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Potatoes are a fun crop to grow. The best yields will be from a crop grown in the traditional way in ground. Scabby growth usually indicate excess moisture so you might want to improve the soil and its drainage. Additional compost or organic matter would be the best approach as would be mounding the planting area for better drainage.

If you go the more non-traditional route in a container I think the best option would be in a container. Use good quality potting soil for drainage. The garbage can is much to large and deep. I would even attempt in a five gallon bucket with the bottom cut out or good drainage holes. Maybe fill the bucket half full and plant then continue to add potting soil until the container is almost full. As you probably know the new potatoes develop along the stem. Hope that helps. Good quality potting soil is a must in a container no matter what type you use. Personally I think it is a lot less work, more yield with the traditional method. Dennis