What is this spreading plant?

Asked May 28, 2016, 7:51 PM EDT

This plant surrounds the inside and outside of my freshwater pond. Its spreading quickly and has a very strong smell.

Medina County Ohio

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Not much to go on here. Can you describe the smell? How close is it to the water? Is the soil from which it's growing wet? Are their any flowers for you to photograph?

Superficially, it looks like a terrestrial ornamental. If so, I'm not likely to be a good source for ID, but will find somebody who is for you.


The smell is almost like a very strong basil smell. The plant grow in both, dry and wet soil. It surrounds my pond, but some are even growing in the pond and some no where near my pond.
there aren't any flowers on these, just the leaves, as photographed.

What about stems: can you post a good image of any stems, even very small and young, especially the nodes where leaves originate? Given its aggressive nature and diverse habitat, I'm a little afraid it may be one particular invasive, but I'd really like an image of a stem to confirm.