Leaves turning yellow and curling

Asked May 28, 2016, 6:52 PM EDT

My leaves on my honeysuckle bush are turning yellow and curling . i can't see any bugs, maybe a few very very tiny brown spots underneath the leaves but that's it. IT now seems to be on another shrub I have (unknown type). Want to know if it's bugs or fungus or something else and how to treat. I also have a nearby bush with curling leaves turning black. PHotos attached.

Deschutes County Oregon

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It is difficult to see much from the pictures. Some of the damage on the honeysuckle could be from insects but I really can't tell. It would be best if you could bring in a sample to the office. We are located off parking lot D on the Deschutes Co. fairgrounds. If you can't bring in a sample perhaps you could take some close ups of the leaves, upper and lower sides and open the curl to photograph any possible insects.

The second plant looks to have freeze damage, but again the picture is not clear. We had a freeze event a couple of weeks ago and tender new growth on many plants was affected. Normally during a late freeze, the protected buds are not damaged and they will start to grow as the injured tissue dies. If you don't see that the plant is putting on new growth bring in a sample of this plant too and we can take a look.