Pecan trees producing very little to no pecans trees are 17yrs old

Asked May 28, 2016, 6:50 PM EDT

I forgot to add that I am willing to travel to other pecan orchards to see what they due or maybe they can give me some advice. I due have Robert R Saldana of TA out of Kingsville and they come out and check on my Citrus Trees which are doing great. He has been coming out for appx 5 or so years now and they set up insect traps other things for research.
My name is George and can be reached at 361-537-8053. Any help would be great I was hoping for a good year but again hardly any pecans on the trees, I have been spraying zinc but maybe I'm not putting enough I just don't know, I been using about 2 table spoons per 3 gallons of water, I have been only been able to find prills not the powered type but the prills seem to desolve pretty good Thanks George

Jim Wells County Texas

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Rogelio Mercado
County Extension Agent-Ag
Jim Wells County