Bindweed mite

Asked May 28, 2016, 3:50 PM EDT

My flower gardens are being overtaken by bindweed. I have read about a mite available in Texas that might help him at it. Any idea on where I may obtain it? Thanks!

Moore County Texas

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Good Morning,

I apologize for taking so long to answer this question. I was on vacation last week. Let me do some checking with our specialists and try to find out more information on the bindweed mite and I will get back to you.


Good Morning,

I spoke to a specialist and the gentleman who was conducting the research on bindweed mites retired so we no longer have an individual collecting bindweed mites.

I apologize for not being more help. I had to use roundup in an experimental garden two weeks ago and had a good knock down of the bindweed. I have been told that during the summer roundup will help keep the bindweed under control. If you will apply roundup in the fall as the bindweed is going into dormancy(when our night time temperatures are dropping and tree leaves are beginning to change colors and before the first frost) the bindweed will take the roundup down to its roots very efficiently and it will have more impact on killing the bindweed as opposed to simply controlling it.

Roundup is a great product because it must come in direct contact with the plant and breakdowns very quickly if a plant does not take it up. It will kill both broadleaf plants and grass plants, so you want to protect plants that you do not want to be impacted before spraying the roundup.

When applying it to my garden, I took buckets or several pots and placed them over the plants I needed protected before spraying and then took the buckets and pots off of the plants as soon as I had sprayed the bindweed and let it dry on the leaf tissue, maybe 5-10 minutes. The roundup only killed the bindweed.

Some of our master gardeners will also cut a milk carton in a way that creates a shield with the milk carton and the handle of the milk carton doubles as a handle for the shield. That way they can gather the bindweed together, put the shield over the plants they want protected and then spray the bindweed.

I hope this helps,