Looking for edible lilies

Asked May 28, 2016, 9:59 AM EDT

This is a lily. Some type of star Lily by name. I planted them years ago. I am wondering if they are edible?

Allen County Indiana lilies edible plants

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I am having problems identifying this plant by that name. Neither Star Lily (Leucocrinum montanum) nor the Stargazer Lily (Lilium 'Star Gazer') look like your plant.

Additionally, I have seen several conflicting recommendations on edibility. One source says true lilies are toxic, but daylilies can be eaten...but with care.

I would have to recommend AGAINST eating any part of this plant, especially until we can come up with an exact match for its name.

Well it is a bulb plant. My husband, daughter and I each ate a flower. One of our searches said it is wild garlic. I thought it tasted like green onion, she thought it tasted like garlic. She is the one working in the food world so I will go with her vote. Is it possible to bring the plant to a local extension and get an answer? These have spread greatly and I have moved some to other spots in my yard. But if they are truly edible I can use them for food both at home and where I work.

I would strongly advise NOT eating any more of this plant until we have it identified!

Your post says you are in Allen County. I would strongly recommend that you bring the plant, or more pictures, to the Allen County Extension office: Allen County, 4001 Crescent Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN . If Ricky Kemery (the Horticulture Educator) cannot ID it, he can send it off to the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab. For a fee of $11, they'll ID what the plant is and, if you ask for it on the report, tell you whether it is edible.