Raspberry symptoms

Asked May 27, 2016, 1:10 PM EDT

Hi, I've attached a photo of a small raspberry patch we have in our yard in Corvallis. We just moved into the house last summer, so this is our first spring tending these plants. The fruiting canes appear to be showing symptoms that I hope show up in the photo. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have on what's going on and what, if anything, could be done. The new canes appear much healthier and some show in the photo. Thanks, Bob Sams

Benton County Oregon raspberries horticulture

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It is a bit hard to tell exactly what you are questioning, possibly that the raspberry fruit looks small? It is not uncommon for the fruit to produce a lot if different sizes of berries, and especially on last year's canes. Do you know knowing if this is a primocane or florocane type? They produce the fruit differently. If you have time to drop by the Benton or Linn Co. Extension offices, someone there may be able to be of more help. Here is a link for more information.


Thanks very much! Very helpful.