Killing maximum root knot nematodes!!!!

Asked May 27, 2016, 12:59 AM EDT

I have 4 beds that are fallow at this time but highly infected with root knot nematodes.I want to kill as many as I can this summer in South Carolina.Which one of these would have best results or your suggested method; Mass planting of French marigolds then till in or solarization during month of July .July will have 95+s temps. for 4-6 weeks.Any information on other methods and procedures would be appreciated.

Lexington County South Carolina

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At the plant clinic, we regularly recommend planting non-host crops, such as marigolds, to starve the nematodes and then tilling them under. There are other control methods available, such as fumigation, but for maximum effect, you need to monitor the temperatures and calculate the number of degree days in your season (also, these products are typically only sold for commercial usage). For more information on managing root knot nematodes, see the PNW Disease Management Handbook's website here: