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Asked May 26, 2016, 10:36 PM EDT

Hello at my work there is this plant in the corner of our lobby that hasn't been taken care of and I've taken on the responsiblity of caring for it. No one knows what plant it is but I would like some help figuring out the plant and best care for it. It is about a foot and a half tall from the pot.

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Hi: I'm not sure exactly what it is either, it would be far easier if it were to flower. However, as far as care for the plant is concerned it is far too big for the pot it is currently in and so desperately needs a larger container, or, if it is possible to do so, divide the plant and repot it. It also looks very drought stressed and starved for fertilizer, especially nitrogen. Addressing these issues would substantially improve it's appearance! Feel free to write directly to the email below.