How do I get rid of dead Eastern Poison Ivy (with hairy airy roots)

Asked May 26, 2016, 8:23 PM EDT

I have a few trees that have had poison ivy climb up the trunk that have died. A couple of years ago, I cut the hairy root during winter and poured tree killer on the root portion of the ivy. This has been effective. Now I have dead trees with hairy roots still clinging on to them. Recently one has fallen over and needs to be removed, but all of that hairy root remains. There are also several dead branches that are part of the ivy. So how can I safely get rid of the dead tree and its once virulent vines? How many years are required to make it safe? Do land fills accept?

Carroll County Maryland

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You can either allow the poison ivy to rot in place, or you could call the landfill and ask how they would like you to bag up the poison ivy. (410) 386-4550 As long as it looks like poison ivy, it will still be able to give you a rash. Be use to wear long sleeves, pants, gloves and bread bags over the gloves when you handle the poison ivy. Wash yourself and your clothes and your tools when finished. vw

The ivy has been dead for a couple of years, but the hairy vines remain as well as the branches of the Ivy. Will handling and cutting pose a problem?

We suggest erring on the side of caution. Take precautions when handling poison ivy. vw