Plant identification

Asked May 26, 2016, 7:11 PM EDT

Hi I am a new gardener for about 1 year. This year I am reusing dirt from last year mixed wit some new dirty that I bought. I would like to identify this plant, to know it's name, if it's a weed, or if it has any value. It's been growing a lot this year and I wold like to know what to do to stop it from taking over my garden if it is a weed? Thanks.

New York County New York

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The weed in your top two photos is commonly called lambs quarters. It is edible in early growth, but becomes bitter after setting seeds. One mature plant can produce as many as 1000 seeds, so that's why you are seeing so many of this plant. Mostly you need to keep hoeing or pulling this weed to make sure none go to seed. Not all the seeds will germinate and grow the first year. A thick mulch of at least 2" can also be used to smother your weeds.