I got BUGS on my Scotch Pines!

Asked May 26, 2016, 5:44 PM EDT

Hey there everyone! I need BUG HELP for my Pine Trees!! I Didn't know how to find an entomologist to email this to on your website, so I thought I'd just report that I just found (on 5/20/16) my first clusters (in about 15 years) of these dastardly little bugs the European pine sawfly, Neodiprion sertifer and I know you'll forward this email on to the people who can help! I have a diversified stand of Scotch, Austrian and White Pines that are all roughly 12-18' tall approximately 8-10 years old . The only ones that have the bugs on them so far are the Scotch pine. Out of about 15 Scotch pine trees, I'd say 10 of them have just a few small pockets of the worms at about the 4' to 7' height. Lucky I caught them and I'll be vigilant for the next 6 weeks or so. I am spot spraying them with a small spritzer with a dilution of malathion. I know, it's awful stuff, but I'm being very careful to just spray the clusters of worms with a mist and then the surrounding branch they are on. Am I to expect many many more worms/hatches to come? What are the odds that they will move to the other species of pines since they aren't on their yet. Many years ago, 15-18 years, we had the red headed sawflie larvae on our Colorado Blues. The religiously appeared on Fathers Day Weekend seemed every year. And we planned on spraying for them every year on Fathers Day as well. But that just stopped abruptly . WE had to spray all of our Spruce trees, parents trees, and the everyone elses that knew we had the equipment to do it. I honestly haven't seen these little evil worms relatives since then. At my new place I planted not one Spruce and thought I was rid of worms, but it appears by your website, that it's just a different day and different zip code for me and I have to watch for them now. Is there a particular publication that you can suggest on your website that will teach me everything I need to know about how I can stop these little munchers in their paths for the following years as well? Or am I dreaming?? Thanks for you help... and NEVER miss listening to you on Saturday morning gardening show on WCCO! HELP!!*:) happy Jeanie Wohlers, 1 mile from the West Rice County Line on Hwy 99! Montgomery, MN. 507/469-2222

Le Sueur County Minnesota

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