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Asked May 26, 2016, 1:53 PM EDT

We have 4 dead trees in our yard in northern Hennepin County. They were alive and well last year. 3 are Green Ash; the 4th is a variegated maple. We have sandy soil. I can't tell if there are signs of EAB but even so, would that affect the Maple? We had the gas company out to check for underground gas leaks and they found none. Any other suggestions? Would someone from the U want to come out to confirm EAB in the area?

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How old were the trees? Was there any construction done nearby? Has a herbicide been used by you or a neighbor recently? Did they leaf out and then drop their leaves, or did they not leaf out? Most trees have leafed out by now, but you might wait a bit longer. To do a proper postmortem, you should call a certified arborist, especially if you have other trees at risk:

Many possibilities come to mind: winter kill, shade tree decline, transplant shock (if they are new trees), an abiotic cause (nearby construction, herbicide drift, road salt). Here is a diagnostic site:

Finally, while EAB is around, it is unlikely, unless you've seen the "D" shaped exit holes in the trunks of the ash. And EAB won't affect the maple. Read here:

This site has a nice map where you can plug in your address to see how far the nearest infected tree is. It also includes a toll free number to call if you think you've got infected trees.