Raspberry Blackberry Cross

Asked May 25, 2016, 9:11 PM EDT

I live in northern Virginia and would like to develop a blackberry raspberry cross starting with the local wild red raspberry (Rubus Idaeus). Could I have help with identifying some suitable blackberry varieties to cross the raspberry with and guidance on how to pollinate? I read that when crossing brambles they should have similar ploidy numbers to enhance the chance of fertility. My goal is to end up with a hybrid that would, in turn, reproduce. Thanks for your help.


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What is the purpose for crossing i.e. For commercial breeding or hobby? What are you trying to achieve with the cross?

Thanks for your response, Dr. Samtani. Actually, both. I want to learn to cross reproducible brambles as an end in itself, but I also believe there is a lot more potential for the wild raspberry beyond the current hybrids. Ideally I could identify suitable blackberry varieties for cross which have not been tried yet, and if there is commercial potential then I'd be interested in marketing as well. For instance, I do have a variety in mind which, if compatible, might make a compelling cross in terms of vigor, flavor, and disease resistance.

Please log on to researchgate and read through my latest publication on blackberry variety evaluations under my profile.

You will need to obtain legal permission from the appropriate authority if you decide you want to use that as a parent material. What you want to use as a parent would depend on what qualities or traits you desire out of a crossed plant and its fruit.
Sorry I cannot help further as I don't focus on breeding.