Biting tree ants

Asked May 25, 2016, 2:11 PM EDT

I work at a craft show in pass a grille twice a week under a beautiful sea grape tree that is infested with black ants that are constantly biting us. They fall from the tree and walk off the tree onto our clothing but we don't know they have bitten us until later when we see big red whelts. They are triple the size of a red ant and are very quick. Nothing seems to stop them
.What product can we use to protect us and doesn't the city have a role in spraying this tree on their land. It is in the patio area of paradise grille. Children often climb the Seagrape tree and I am sure they are bitten. It gets worse once the grapes grow I was told the city does not spray the tree because it wwould kill the tree

Pinellas County Florida

1 Response

I don't think there is any product you can use or apply to yourself to avoid ants. To my knowledge there are not any effective ant repellants.

The city would not be under any obligation to treat the tree for ants or insects. Depending upon the species of ant there may potentially be effective insecticide treatments that could be done without harming the tree. If I were the city I would be most concerned about children climbing the tree due to the potential damage to the tree as well as liability/safety issues.