Cherry tree issue

Asked May 25, 2016, 12:56 PM EDT

Hello, my name is Kristopher Fante and I live in Cox's Creek,KY. I have a question for you about my Yoshino cherry trees. I have two and they are about 8-9 years old. One is quite large sitting at about 18' high and about 25' wide, they other one is about half that size. They have always been healthy and have had no issue other than the smaller one oozing some at the trunk from a split from growing too fast I suppose. This spring they flowered very well, probably one of the best years I have had out of them. But since then, only the ends of the limbs have healthy looking leaves, and all the smaller inside limbs are dying. I cut out some in early spring that I noticed had died, but now I noticed more dead twigs/limbs. I do not see any signs of any disease that I know of. No galls or anything. The small limbs that are dying looked as if they had set buds from last year. Now I noticed the tree is pushing leaves out of the bigger limbs towards the bottom of the tree as if it's stressed. I do usually get some early leaf drop, but always get those cleaned up in the fall the best I can. It kind of looks as the small twigs/limbs died during winter after buds have set. Some twigs have new leaves coming out, but they are small and seem to be growing real slow. But, again, the ends of the main limbs are pushing out new growth as a normal year. I don't see any leaves that have curled or turned brown, so that makes me think it's not a disease. Also, the cherries has set and looks really good. Any thoughts?

thanks, Kris Fante

Nelson County Kentucky

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It is hard to say if there is any real problem. I have noticed that sometimes after a really heavy flowering, trees are slower to leaf out. It takes a lot of energy to produce a large bloom and fruit load. Small branches are often shaded out the previous year and die back as trees get larger. You might consider feed the trees in Nov.-Feb. after taking a soil test.
Pictures are always helpful when diagnosing a problem.
You should also contact the Extension Service office there in Nelson County for soil testing and other information tree care.